2-axis “Banlieu” commuter passenger car Ex-Norte

Built in the early twentieth century between 1909 and 1912 by Carde and Escoriaza (Zaragoza) formed the Norte Afhv 701-706 series. The box had wooden wainscot, asphalt canvas coated roof and double wooden ceiling, according to the trend of that epoch, for a greater passenger comfort. They were equipped with a single department with central passageway and 34 seats disposed in 2 + 2 configuration. The access to the vehicle was provided by two platforms which had a beautiful wrought iron doors. Their acetylene lighting was fed through 2 tanks located upon the roof, that were subsequently suppressed as the double wooden ceiling . They served in the Norte’s commuter trains in the areas of Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona pulled by steam locomotives type 230 and 140. They were registered by RENFE as:

Ahv 2601-2606 Ex Norte Afhv 701-706

ABhv 2701-2704 Ex Norte ABfhv 701-704

Bhv 2701-2706  Ex Norte Bfhv 701-706

Chv 2701-2713 Ex Norte Cfhv 1701-1713

They were scrapped in the late 60s of the twentieth century

Information provided by Mr. Carlos Baranguá.



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